Who can benefit from the No Days Off kettlebell workouts?

  • Anyone who is physically capable and medically cleared for moderate to strenuous exercise.

Do I already need to know how to use a kettlebell?

  •  No. Both written and video instruction is provided to teach the basics and all other exercises.

Do I need my own kettlebell?

  • It doesn’t have to personally belong to you, but yes, you need a kettlebell. Many gyms have them available now, but you would have to purchase your own if you plan on training at home or in any remote location.  Click here to purchase your very own kettlebell, or check out your local sporting goods store.

Does it matter what type of kettlebell I use?

  • In short, no. Most bells you will find at your local gym and retail store vary in size depending on its weight and may even be rubber coated. I prefer competition bells, because they are all the same size no matter their weight. They have the same circumference with different densities. Competition bells have a handle design that tends to fit more nicely in your hand and can help eliminate bruising on the forearm if you are still learning technique.  However, these bells are more expensive. No matter the style you choose, make sure you don’t use a bell that is either too light or too heavy for your current strength level!

What benefits do the workouts provide?

  • Each workout is designed to train the total body. No one muscle group is focused on during any given day. Depending on bell weight and intensity, workouts can have a strength training and/or cardiovascular feel to them.  Some workouts may lean more towards legs, or shoulders, but overall, the average workout has pushes and pulls, plus leg and core aspects.

Do I need a membership to access the workouts?

  • Yes. However, there is a free sample workout you can try.

How many workouts per week should I do?

  • That is entirely up to you and your level of fitness. If you are a beginner who is new to exercise, or you haven’t taken part in a long time, I would recommend 3 days a week to start, and then slowly build up. But remember the motto, “Move Every Day.” On days that you aren’t following the program, you should still try to do something else that might not be considered strenuous on your body, but beneficial at the same time. (An active rest day.)

What should I do on days that I’m not following a prescribed workout?

  • If your body is telling you to rest, then you should do exactly that. Beginners may need more rest than those that are more accustomed to the daily grind. Otherwise, any activity that gets you up and moving is a great way to spend those days that your aren’t working with NDOFit.

Should I always do the warm up?

  • Yes! You don’t necessarily have to follow my warm up routine, but you should find one that encompasses total body movement, and not just static stretching.

Where are the workouts located?

  • The workouts will be posted in the “Weekly Workouts” tab for paying subscribers. Members must be logged in to view workouts. You can also navigate via the header menu once you are logged in.

What happens if I don’t know how to do a workout, or can’t remember what it entails?

  • If you forget what a workout is, or what the proper form should be, you can check out the “Instructional Videos” link in the Members Area for demos, or simply click the hyperlinked exercise in the workout for a quick demo.

Why is the Members Area Login taking so long to load? Is something wrong?

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Is this site secure? 

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Where can I view the Waiver or Legal Disclaimer?

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