Glossary and Abbreviations

AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible. This indicates high intensity sets with minimal rest.

Complex: Performing more than one exercise in a row without setting the bell down. Typically multiple reps are performed for each exercise.

EA: Indicates reps are performed on each side. Usually with single bell exercises.

EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute. This format requires all reps to be done within one minute; resting for the remainder of that minute and then starting over at the top of the next minute. 

Flow: A creative combination of various exercises with or without a kettlebell. Typically only one rep is performed for each exercise and the flow is repeated for a length of time.

Hinge: Loading the hamstrings by folding in half at the waist with your knees slightly bent, chest forward, and hips back.

Ladder Set: A descending or ascending rep scheme where each consecutive round adds or subtracts a rep. (Ex. 10-1 start by completing 10 reps for each exercise listed, and then repeat back to the beginning and complete 9 reps each. This process would continue until you finish with 1 rep on each exercise. 1-10 would be the opposite, starting with 1 rep and finishing with 10.)

Rack Position: A way of holding the bell so your elbow is tight to your side and the bell positioned across your chest with the handle nestled into the lower palm of your hand.

Super Set: Performing two or more exercises in a row without substantial rest.

W/: This indicates a super set 

KB Tempo: These workouts include a cardio component between each kettlebell set. Tempo workouts are designed to keep the heart rate up, with limited rest within a round.


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