How it Works


No Days Off Fitness brings you a daily kettlebell workout infused with bodyweight exercises that can be done at home, at the gym, in your hotel room, in a park, at the beach, on a boat…yeah, just about anywhere with a few square feet of clear space.

What You Need:

  • A Kettlebell!!! These workouts are all kettlebell-based, so it’s pretty important
  • About 10 square feet of space
  • A membership to access the daily workouts



What You Get

  • 48 weeks of workouts with 5 workouts per week!  These plans are designed and modified for anyone ranging from; “I’ve never used a kettleball before,” to “I enjoy hardstyle swings, Turkish getups, and long cycles on the beach.”  All workouts are presented in written form, but every single exercise has a linked demo video, in case you aren’t sure what something means or need a reminder.
  • 90 complete workout videos! These videos are in addition to the written plans mentioned above. You can just follow me live and get that “personal trainer” experience.
  • Instructional videos are provided for people that need to learn, or refresh themselves on, some of the basic, foundational movements such as the swing, clean, squat, and more.

Most workouts range from 30-45 minutes, depending on how much rest you take and any modifications that may be needed. Some plans involve various kettlebell weights, or two bells of the same weight, but these can be modified if you are limited to a single bell.

Difficulty of the Program

The No Days Off kettlebell workouts are designed to challenge, strengthen, and satisfy anyone. I’m looking to address the needs of an experienced athlete who commonly trains in unconventional methods, but also the person who hasn’t necessarily followed an exercise regimen. Workouts are not meant to be easy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be completed by beginners. Modifications are recommended for those who are still building on their strength and endurance and overall kettlebell knowledge.

Try this basic, sample workout from No Days Off Fitness to see what it looks like!