Amazing Workouts

I have had the privilege to know Mike for about 7 years, and first started training with him at PK&P, then as a personal trainer at the same gym – time, work and family has kept me away from training with him, but his weekly workouts and website is exactly what I have needed. Each week is a workout that can be modified to your own abilities and goals, whether adding reps or using a lower weight. Shuck designs his workouts for a mix of full body, cardio and strength conditioning. Whether they are shorter “as many reps” workouts or longer sets of 10 workouts, each one will push you to better yourself. Best part is when you check the workout, if you don’t know how to do a move, Shuck has videos of every move ready and waiting to show you what a half-Viking is. This is by far the most comprehensive online coaching I have ever found. Would gladly pay triple (or more) what he is asking for a glimpse in the life of a badass. Would recommend this for anyone looking to get in better shape!