Week 1

Day 1: Kettlebell Ladders (See the glossary for info on how ladder sets work)

Work through the following exercises in a row, using the 10 – 1 format.

  1. 1 KB Clean & Press ea
  2. Bootstrapper Squat
  3. 1 KB High Pull  ea
  4. 1 KB Rack Front Lunge ea
  5. 1 KB Getup Sit-up
  6. Pushup

* Double bells can be substituted in for 1, 3, and 4


Day 2: Kettlebell Tempo: (Cardio movement is performed after each KB set) 

Complete each full round 2x before resting and moving on to the next round.

Round 1: All KB sets are 10 reps. Complete 20 Mt. Climbers in between each exercise.

A. 2 KB Rack Reverse Lunge ea      B. 2 KB Overhead Press

C. Seesaw Bent Row ea                   D. 2 KB Russian Twist ea

Round 2: All KB sets are 10 reps. Complete 20 Squat Jumps in between each exercise.

A. 2 KB Rack Squat                         B. Close/Wide Chest Press (1 close +1 wide =1 rep)

C. 2 KB High Pull                             D. 2 KB Pullover

Round 3: MEGA SET! Complete all eight exercises in a row with 10 Mt. Climbers and 10 Squat Jumps in between each exercise.

* This can be modified to a 1 KB workout by performing reps on each side.


Day 3: Heavy Day (If you only have lighter bells, increase your number of reps)

Each round is made of 3 sets with 30 seconds rest between each set. Perform 3 rounds before moving on to the next exercise. Rest as needed between rounds.

1. 2 Hand Swing 10 reps , rest 30 and repeat 2 more times. Complete 3 rounds! That’s 9 total sets

2. Single KB Thruster 5 reps

3. Upright Row 5 reps

4. 1 KB Hinge Deadlift 10 reps

5. 1 KB Pullover 10 reps

* Remember, if it feels like you completed this very quickly, you may have misinterpreted the directions. Each exercise should have had a total of 9 sets. That’s 3 rounds of 3 sets.


Day 4: AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

Complete the following round of exercises as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

  1. Renegade Row 10 reps ea (Modify with 1 KB Bent Row if you only have 1 bell)
  2. Hand to Hand Sumo Squat 15 reps ea
  3. Lateral Sit Through 10 reps ea (Modify difficulty with Mt. Climbers)
  4. 1 KB Snatch 5 reps ea (This is an advanced movement. Modify with 1 KB High Pull if you have not yet mastered this exercise using the instructional video)
  5. Burpees 10 reps
  6. Hand to Hand Swing 10 reps ea

* Try to limit your rest as much as possible, but at the same time listen to your body and take those small rest and water breaks as needed.


Day 5: Kettlebell Flow (See the glossary for info on how a flow works)

Follow the flow for 2 minutes on each side consecutively (4 min total). Rest 60 seconds and repeat for 5 total rounds.

-Side Lunge Clean, Rack Squat, Reverse Lunge Clean, Press to Stand, Windmill, Snatch, Repeat.

*Modify the snatch for a 1 KB High Pull

Day 6 and 7: Active Rest

These days can be implemented anytime during the week. If your body is telling you to rest, listen to it! But remember the Motto of No Days Off Fitness: Move Every Day. If you can, find another activity you enjoy doing and supplement that in on these days. Hiking, Yoga, biking; the list goes on!





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