Week 17

Day 1:  Combo Ladders

Each round two exercises are matched as a combo and laddered from 1-10. See how far you can get in the ladder without setting the bell down. Make it a goal to complete the entire ladder without stopping! This is a single bell workout, so that means you’ll perform your reps on the right, then swing and switch to repeat on the left, and then continue back to the right, continuing up the ladder, always working back and forth from right side to left side.

Round 1: 1 Hand Swing  w/  1 KB Clean  Ladder 1-10

(Remember, this is a combo. For example, when you are on your last round of 5, you should not do 5 swings in a row and then 5 cleans, but rather continuously alternate back and forth between the swings and cleans until 5 reps each have been completed and then switch to the other hand.)

Round 2: Rack Side Lunge  w/  1 KB High Pull

Round 3: 1 KB Overhead Press  w/  1 KB Overhead Squat 


Day 2: Every Minute On the Minute

You’ll work through two different 10 minute EMOM rounds and finish with some core in the workout. If you have trouble keeping up with the clock, either decrease the bell weight or reduce the reps. You should always have about 20-30 seconds of rest each time. 

Round 1: Single KB Thruster 4,  Upright Row 4, Sprawl 3

Too much rest?? Hold a plank during the rest time, because hey, that’s what I would do! Just saying.

Round 2: Sumo Squat Jump 5, 2 Hand Swing 5, Pushup 5

Core Finisher: Divide these reps up however you want:

Bicycle Kick 50,  1 KB Pullover 50, Goodmorning 50


Day 3: Push and Pull

All upper body movements, super setting a push with a pull. Complete 4 sets of each before moving on. If you only have one bell, substitute the single bell variation in for any double bell exercises listed.

  1. 2 KB Chest Press 10-15  w/ 2 KB Bent Row

*Single Bell: 1 KB Chest Press, 1 KB Bent Row

  1. KB Side Pushup 10  w/ Gorilla Clean 10

*Single Bell: 1 KB Clean

  1. 2 KB Seated Press 10  w/ Upright Row 10

*Single Bell: 1 KB Seated Press

  1. Bottoms Up Press 5-10 ea  w/ Renegade Row 10

*Single Bell: Hand to Hand Row

Day 4: Heavy Day

As always, no heavy bell access means increase those reps! Complete 4 sets each before moving on.

  1. 2 Hand Swing 10  w/ 1 KB Overhead Press 3 ea  w/ Front Squat 5
  2. 1 KB Rack Reverse Lunge 3 ea  w/ 1 KB Bent Row 5 ea  w/ Balance Pushup 5-10                                              *You can substitute regular pushups in for the balance pushups
  1. 1 KB Snatch 5 ea  w/ Hand to Hand Sumo Squat 10  w/ 1 KB Getup Sit-up 5
  2. Heavy Turkish Getup 1 ea 


Day 5: KB Tempo

KB Tempo workouts combine several kettlebell exercises together with cardio built in. A standard round will consist of 4 exercises, while alternating your cardio in-between each on.

You choose the cardio! My personal preference is always a run of some sort. It should be short and fast paced. It might be jumping on the treadmill for a ¼ mile “sprint” or running down to the end of the street and back. If running is not an option, pick anything that will keep the heart rate up! You will complete each round just once.

Round 1:   Hand to Hand Swing 20, cardio, Single KB Thruster 20, cardio, 1 KB High Pull  20 ea, cardio, KB Hand to Hand Drag 20, final cardio.

Round 2: Side Lunge to Clean 10 ea, cardio, Figure 8 to Hold 20 ea, cardio, 1 KB Snatch 10 ea, cardio, Squat Upright Row 20, final cardio

Round 3: 1 KB Clean & Press 15 ea, cardio, Front Squat 20, cardio, Side Plank Row 15 ea, cardio, Step Back 10 ea, final cardio.


Day 6 and 7: Active Rest

These days can be implemented any time during the week. If your body is telling you to rest, listen to it! But remember the motto of No Days Off Fitness: Move Every Day. If you can, find another activity you enjoy doing and supplement that in on these days. Hiking, Yoga, biking; the list goes on!

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