Week 24

Day 1: Kettlebell Tempo

This style of workout means that kettlebell exercises are separated with short cardio segments in-between.  You will work through 4 rounds, each round having 4 exercises, and each of those exercises are followed by a cardio; typically a sprint or fast paced run of short distance. If you are working out at home, a sprint to the end of driveway and back or a run down the street and back would work. If you have the luxury of having a treadmill next to your workout space, you could hop on and off. Or if running doesn’t work with your space, pick another cardio exercise of you own or from the Master List above.

Round 1: (Heavy bell if possible. If not, increase these reps) 2 Hand Swing 20, cardio, Squat Upright Row 15, cardio, 1 KB Hinge Deadlift 20, cardio, 1 KB Bent Row 10 ea, cardio.

Round 2: 1 KB Rack Reverse Lunge 10 ea, cardio, 1 KB Overhead Press 10 ea, cardio, Front Squat 15, cardio, 1 KB High Pull 10 ea, cardio.

Round 3: Jump Press 20, cardio, Sumo Squat Jump 15, cardio, 1 KB Snatch 10 ea, cardio, Front Raise 20, cardio

Round 4: 1 KB Russian Twist 20, cardio, Goodmorning 20, cardio, 1 KB Pullover 20, cardio, Low Windmill 10 ea, cardio.


Day 2: Heavy Day

Heavy circuit style this week. As always, increase those reps if you only have a light bell.

You’ll do 5 rounds of this circuit. Again, if the bell weight is not appropriate, or you have not adjusted your reps for a lighter bell, this workout will be too easy. 

  1. Seesaw 2 KB Chest Press 5 ea. (single bell reps per side)
  2. Deficit Suitcase Deadlift 5. Deficit means getting deeper than usual. You can stack a few plates, or books, or anything flat and stable to stand on so that it requires you to dropper deeper on the deadlift to touch the floor. Keep good posture with a flat back while doing this!) Single bell users can do a deficit 1 KB Sumo Squat and have the open space between your feet. So each foot is standing on its own set of stacked items.
  3. 1 KB Dead Clean 3-5 ea
  4. 1 KB Overhead Press 3-5 ea
  5. Front Squat 5
  6. 1 ARM Getup Sit-up 3 ea (Hold the bell in one hand at a time)


Day 3: Timed Interval Progressions

This workout takes basic exercises and groups them into timed sets. Each round has 4 timed progressions that increase in duration. (20/10, 30/15, 45/20, 60/30, repeat)  After a full round is complete, rest as needed and move on.  

Round 1: 2 Hand Swing, 2 KB Clean, Front Squat. So you’ll swing for 20 seconds and rest for 10. Then, clean for 20 and rest 10. Finally, squat for 20 and rest 10. Then go back to swing for 30 and rest 15, and keep this pattern going until you’ve done all 3 exercises for 60 seconds. Rest as needed before moving on.

*Single bell users can clean on one side the first time through and switch to opposite hand the second time through. 

Round 2: Seesaw Bent Row, 1 KB Hinge Deadlift, Front Lunge. Same format as previous round. Single bell users can row one hand at a time.

Round 3: Seated Front Raise, KB Hand to Hand Drag, Bear Squats


Day 4: Static Hold KB Ladder 

You will have constant static hold times and 3 kettlebell exercises that will ladder from 1-10.

You start with a 30 second overhead hold matched with high pulls, then a 45 second rack hold matched with presses, and finally a 60 second farmer hold matched with squats.

To begin, start with Overhead Hold 30 seconds,  to 2 KB High Pull 1,  to Rack Hold 45 seconds,  to 2 KB Overhead Press 1,  to Farmer Hold 60 seconds,  to 2 KB Rack Squat 1. 

Rest as needed and repeat this format, with 2 reps of each kettlebell exercise, and continue working your way until you’ve reached 10 reps each exercise. 

If you only have one bell, you’ll have to isolate each arm. This will double the time needed. 


Day 5: KB Flow

Set a clock for 4 minutes and follow the flow with no rest. Repeat the flow for 4-5 sets. Optional planks sets  can be done in between the flow sets.


Day 6 and 7: Active Rest

These days can be implemented any time during the week. If your body is telling you to rest, listen to it! But remember the motto of No Days Off Fitness: Move Every Day. If you can, find another activity you enjoy doing and supplement that in on these days. Hiking, Yoga, biking; the list goes on!

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