Week 27

Day 1: Climb the Mountain

This workout starts out with several exercises of low difficulty with lower reps, and each consecutive round after that decreases in the number of exercises, but the difficulty and rep count increases. You can choose if you want to work back down the mountain once you get to the top.

Round 1: Hand to Hand Swing 5 ea, Halos 5ea, Squat Jumps 5, Mt. Climbers 5ea, Bicycle Kick 5 ea, Pushup 5, Bear Squats 5,

Round 2: 1 KB Clean 8 ea, Bootstrapper Squat 8, 1 KB Rack Front Lunge 8 , Tuck Jumps 8ea, 1 KB Getup Sit-up 8, Lateral Sit Through 8 ea

Round 3: Updowns 10, 1 KB High Pull 10 ea, 1 Leg Deadlift 10 ea, Lunge Jump 10 ea, 1 KB Snatch 10 ea

Round 4: Squat Upright Row 12, Front Sit Through 12 ea, 1 KB Rack Thruster 12 ea, Figure 8 to Hold 12 ea

Round 5: Leg Driver Swing 15, Burpees 15, Side Plank Row 15 ea

Round 6: Hike to Broad Jump Clean 20 ea, Plank Pullback 20

Round 7: Turkish Getup 25 ea………just kidding. Let’s just go for 5 ea.


Day 2: 30-5 Ladder

You’ll work the same 6 exercises, and follow a 30-25-20-15-10-5 ladder. If possible, try to increase your weight a few times as the reps decrease. 

  1. 2 Hand Swing
  2. Step Back (every step counts)
  3. 1 KB Bent Row ea
  4. Jump Press
  5. Bear Squats
  6. 1 KB Pullover


Day 3: Heavy Day

One order of Kettlebell. Heavy on the weights please. Compete 4 sets before moving on.

  1. 1 KB Seated Press 5 ea  w/ Seated Front Raise 10
  2. Sumo Squat Jump 10  w/ 1 KB Hinge Deadlift 10
  3. Anyhow Squat 3 ea  w/ Low Side Lunge 10 ea
  4. Windmill 3-5 ea  w/ 1 KB Russian Twist 10 ea


Day 4: Core Crusher

Coming in hot to start!

  1. Hold a Prone Plank to High Plank to Side Plank on each side for 30 seconds each and repeat this for 4 rounds without rest. Yes, that 8 minutes of planking!
  2. 1 KB Pullover 50 reps, 1 KB Russian Twist 50 reps ea, KB Toe Touch 50 reps, Goodmorning 50 reps, and KB Side Drag 50 reps total. Break apart your reps, and manage them however you want. As long as you complete them all.
  3. Repeat the 8 minute plank holds from round 1.


Day 5: NODFit Challenge: Beat the Clock

So you get to choose your own adventure here. Pick any exercise of your choice. It can be with or without a bell. Set a timer that counts up, use a stopwatch app, or just watch the second hand of an old-timey clock.

The challenge is to start at 10 reps of that exercise, completing the reps in one minute. Much like an EMOM set, you’ll repeat the exercise at the top of the next minute, but the only difference is you’ll add one rep. This continues until you can no longer complete your reps in under a minute. So every minute you’ll complete one more rep than you did the minute before that, resting until the next minute starts. 

You might want to give this one some thought. Choose an exercise that will allow you to maintain for a while. If you could post your experience on social media, it’s always appreciated. I’ll be going with burpees!! Hope to see what you choose to do! 


Day 6 and 7: Active Rest

These days can be implemented any time during the week. If your body is telling you to rest, listen to it! But remember the motto of No Days Off Fitness: Move Every Day. If you can, find another activity you enjoy doing and supplement that in on these days. Hiking, Yoga, biking; the list goes on!

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