Week 39

Day 1: Leg Day

This workout supersets two leg exercises together at a time. Complete 4 sets each before moving on.

  1. Squat Jumps 15  w/ 2 KB Rack Reverse Lunge 5 ea   or 1 KB Rack Reverse Lunge 5 ea
  2. 1 Leg Deadlift 5-10 ea  w/ Front Squat 10
  3. Bootstrapper Squat 15  w/ Straight Leg Deadlift 10  or 1 KB Hinge Deadlift 10-15
  4. 1 KB Sumo Squat 10  w/ Low Side Lunge 10 ea


Day 2: Push / Pull

Similar to Day 1, this workout will superset 2 upper body exercises together. Complete 4 sets each before moving one.

  1. 2 KB Chest Press 10  or 1 KB Chest Press 10 ea  w/ 1 KB Bent Row 10-15 ea
  2. Bridge Fly 10 (dumb bells can be used)  w/ 2 KB High Pull 10  or 1 KB High Pull 10 ea
  3. 1 KB Seated Press 5-10 ea  w/ Upright Row 10
  4. Front Raise 10  w/ Balance Pushup 10  or KB Side Pushup 10


Day 3: EMOM

Another Every Minute on the Minute. Set the clock for 10 minutes and complete the following 3 exercises within each minute. Take a long rest and complete second round with 3 new exercises. Increase or decrease reps to adjust difficulty and rest time.

Round 1: Single KB Thruster 4  w/ 2 Hand Swing 5  w/ Pushup 5

Round 2: Leg Driver Swing 5  w/ 1 KB Snatch 2 ea  w/ Skater Lunge 3 ea


Day 4: Creative Combos

Complete 10 combo reps then transition into a 1 minute cardio set, and then finish it off with a core set. Complete 3 sets of each round.

Round 1: Hike to Broad Jump Clean  to  Reverse Lunge Press 6 ea.  Bear Squats 30 seconds to Lateral Sit Through 30 seconds. 1 KB Pullover 10-15

Round 2: 1 KB Overhead Squat  to  Figure 8 to Hold 6 ea. (Press the bell after the figure 8 to complete the overhead squat on that side and continuously alternate.) Squat Jumps 30 seconds to  Mt. Climbers 30 seconds.  1 KB Russian Twist 20 ea

Round 3: Half Viking  to  Step Back 6 ea.  (Just like the previous round, use the step back to get the bell to other hand and continue to alternate your reps side to side.) Burpees 30 seconds  to Tuck Jumps 30 seconds.  KB Hand to Hand Drag 10 ea.


Day 5: Negatives 

Very simple concept. Basic movements are performed, working with slow, negative reps. Think about counting to 5 in your head as you release each rep. Take an adequate rest between sets. No need to try to rush through this one.  Complete 4 sets each.

  1. 1 KB Chest Press 5 negatives ea
  2. 1 KB Bent Row 5 negatives ea
  3. Front Squat 5 negatives
  4. 1 KB Overhead Press 5 negatives ea 
  5. 1 KB Pullover 5 negatives (The negative would be when you extend bell back and feet out)


Day 6 and 7: Active Rest

These days can be implemented any time during the week. If your body is telling you to rest, listen to it! But remember the motto of No Days Off Fitness: Move Every Day. If you can, find another activity you enjoy doing and supplement that in on these days. Hiking, Yoga, biking; the list goes on!


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