Week 47

Day 1: 25 Minute AMRAP

Set the clock for 25 minutes and complete the following list of exercises as many times as possible.

  1. 2 Hand Swing 15
  2. 1 KB Rack Reverse Lunge 10 ea
  3. 1 KB Clean 10 ea
  4. Hand to Hand Row 10 ea
  5. Pushup 10

Day 2: KB Tempo

4 rounds of 4 exercises with cardio between each exercise. All reps are 15.  You’ll start with the first KB exercise and then immediately do your cardio, followed by the next exercise, another cardio, and so forth until 4 KB movements and 4 cardio sets have been completed.  I recommend running between each exercise, but if you don’t have the room, just pick a few cardio choices of your own.

Round 1: Hand to Hand Swing, cardio, 1 KB Sumo Squat, cardio, Upright Row, cardio, 1 KB Hinge Deadlift, cardio.

Round 2: 1 KB High Pull right, cardio, 1 KB High Pull left, cardio, 1 KB Snatch right, cardio, 

1 KB Snatch, cardio.

Round 3: Reverse Lunge Press right, cardio, Reverse Lunge Press left, cardio, Side Lunge to Clean right, cardio, Side Lunge to Clean left, cardio. 

Round 4: Side Plank Row right, cardio, Side Plank Row left, cardio, 1 KB Pullover, cardio, 1 KB Getup Sit-up, cardio. 

Day 3: 3 Rounds

This workout is made of 3 different short rounds that vary in style. Round 1 is a swing and pushup ladder, round 2 is a quick complex, and round 3 deals with static holds.

Round 1: Leg Driver Swing 14-12-10-8-6  w/ Pushup 10 each time. So this is 5 rounds, each round the swing drops in reps but the pushups stay at 10.

Round 2: 1-5 Ladder Complex. Keep alternating the bell back and forth, without setting it down until the ladder is complete. Start with 1 rep on each hand and work up to 5 reps of each exercise.  1 KB Clean  to  1 KB Overhead Press  to  1 KB Rack Squat

Round 3: This round is made of 3 sets. Each set uses a different static hold, followed by 3 exercises. Set 1: Overhead Hold as long as possible  w/ Low Side Lunge 10 ea, 1 Leg Deadlift 10 ea, and KB Toe Touch 10

Set 2: Rack Hold as long as possible  (repeat exercises above)

Set 3: Farmer Hold as long as possible  (repeat exercises above)


Day 4: Heavy Day

Heavy circuit with 5 exercises. Increase the reps if you only have a lighter bell. Complete each rest with minimal rest, but then take a long rest between sets. Try to finish 5 rounds.

  1. Turkish Getup ea
  2. Low Windmill 5 ea
  3. Squat Upright Row 5-10
  4. Anyhow Squat 3 ea  OR 1 KB Overhead Squat 3 ea
  5. Updowns 6


Day 5: Tabata Time

Complete a 6 minute Tabata set for each. That means you’ll do each exercise 4 times before resting. You’ll complete each round 2 times before moving on to the next group of exercises.

Round 1: Hand to Hand Swing  to  Front Squat  to  Plank Pullback.  Complete 4 times through, Rest as needed, and then complete it again.

Round 2: Hand to Hand Sumo Squat  to  1 KB Russian Twist  to  Seated Front Raise.  Complete 4 times through, Rest as needed, and then complete it again.

Round 3: Hand to Hand Row  to  Figure 8 to Hold  to  Bear Squats. Complete 4 times through, Rest as needed, and then complete it again.


Day 6 and 7: Active Rest

These days can be implemented any time during the week. If your body is telling you to rest, listen to it! But remember the motto of No Days Off Fitness: Move Every Day. If you can, find another activity you enjoy doing and supplement that in on these days. Hiking, Yoga, biking; the list goes on!

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