What You Get

So what do you get with a “No Days Off” membership?

– 240 total body workouts in written form with exercise demo videos.

That’s 48 weeks at 5 workouts per week. Each workout takes roughly 30-45 mins depending on your pacing. No workout is ever repeated twice!

Check out the Sample Workout to get an idea.

– 90 full length guided videos.

It’s the next best thing to being in class with a live instructor.

– Beginner and Instructional videos 

These are great for those that are still learning or need to freshen up on proper form.

– Great value. Let’s do some math:

240 written + 90 video = 330 total workouts.

That’s enough for 27.5 workouts per month.

That comes out to roughly $0.91 per workout!

– Most importantly….A Better You!!!


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